The Tournament “abundantly thundering” in the casino “Crystal”

Турнир «Пораженный громом»Look at the street. What is the weather there? Thunderstorm, thunder with lightning bolts? Well, certainly this Tor разбушевался, all the more so that only two days ago, on 12 August, was the day of his birth. Tor is the god of the thunder in the Scandinavian mythology, known that it has an irresistible force and hammer, which he beats on an anvil, громыхая on all land and issuing from under the hammer sparks of lightning in the sky. Scary? Yes indeed, because it is on the torus, which has become the main character of the new players in the casino “Crystal”, entitled “Thunder and Lightning”, or “abundantly thundering”.

Yes do not be afraid, no thunder you not amaze – on the contrary, his thunder bring you great rewards and excellent mood. The casino invites all its players to observe the Day of the birth of the Torah on the full coil!

The credentials of the torus громыхающего relate not only to thundering and lightning and Storm, force, aimed at protecting mankind from the scourge, as well as with the fertile and wealth. Tor simply antiquated rich! That is why he taught the strongest participants competition prize fund in the amount of 7700 dollars.

The competition started, of course, 12 August and will last up to 18 numbers. Hurry to participate, if you have not already done so. The more that the rules of the tournament very easy. In order to participate in the competition громыхающем, you should pass through the qualification process and play 250 rounds in any game, declared in the competition for the time of its conduct. A Party which reaches the highest number of points will be the lucky winner of the main prize, the size of which is whole 3850 dollars.

The casino “Crystal” invites you to do their rates until the you do not win the tournament! Well the remuneration will be 25 best players. A Party which takes 2 place, sees the account 75 000 integrated-points, 3 Place the player get 25 000 The integrated pointov. As pulled quickly enough by tournament pack budget between other winners, you will be able to see the page competitions site casino. By the way, do not forget that all prizes are issued in the integrated поинтах – the equivalent of real money and the internal currency institutions. You can change the gearbox on the real money subsequently, using the tools of their personal profile.

The casino wishes to loud, simply vocal victories and sanitaryware odds! Good luck!!!


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